Date: 19th August 2015 at 2:42pm
Written by: Billy Zinc

Hartlepool v Newport, August 18th 2015 by Billy Zinc.

The unexpected (for me anyway) winning run goes on, but unfortunately not the good weather.

After a season where pools were “Looking for a Hero” a third one emerges, true Scott Fenwick did net a couple last season, but never one so classy as the one he scored tonight. Like Paynter’s goal last Saturday at York, it was an unstoppable screamer.

After a day of rain there was a sight let up just before kick-off, though good leather shoes were required if one was entering the ground at the Mill House end, as there was a deep puddle surrounding the turnstiles. The rain, however, soon returned, luckily for me being driven from the west, leaving me in it’s lee and completely dry.

Pools started brightly but never really threatened and as the half wore on and the weather worsened so did the standard of football. It was end to end, with the occasional shot, but neither goalkeeper was really threatened.

The second half was a similar story, both teams working hard, both against each other and against the elements and just when I was reckoning a 0-0 draw was the likely outcome (and wondering whether to sneak in for a pint on the way home and tell the missus we went to extra time) WHAM! From nowhere Fenwick blasted a shot in from what seemed to be the edge of the box. As the excitement from the goal died down, as did the match, though the last quarter was livened up after the two Pools substitutions with both Oates and Walker trying to make their case for first team starts. Paynter and Woods were both strong up front and Bingham again displayed his skills when allowed. After such a goal it would be ungracious to point out that Fenwick had the best of the chances and failed to capitalise on them, but all in all it was a hard fort victory against an equal opposition on a very stormy night. Well done to all.


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