My forecast was awful. What now for Pools?

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Well I got it wrong in my prediction, a bit like Dave Jones in all 17 games, except his actions will take us into the National League. I would love to be positive about Saturday but it just doesn’t stack up.

Pools have scored no more than 1 goal in the last 10 games 1 win and a couple of draws. In those 10 games we scored 6 goals. We kept 1 clean sheet and took several teams out of consecutive defeats to win or draw against Pools.

So here we have Donny to play, lost the last three conceded a few but then again they haven’t played Pools in their current abject form. Yes Football throws up weird results so there is always hope and we are not down yet. We need Notts County to hold Newport to a draw or worse and Pools to win, big ask as Newport are a 1-0 specialist team.

I believe Donny will score against Pools so where are the Pools goals going to come from beyond one?? So for me it is a situation we have brought upon ourselves with a shocking run in the last 10 games. We will ultimately get what we deserve. Chairman gone I see also, just as I type this.

Last point, I found it strange that Batesy was worried about goal difference when bringing on subs and being aware of the Newport score at Carlisle. Surely that was a mistake as scoring would have given us a draw v defeat option in our last game, and conceding another would have changed nothing as we would still have had to win and they draw or lose same scenario.

You Pools, I will be a fan whatever the result and outcome.

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