Meat Loaf: Hartlepool United’s Most Famous Fan?

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Hartlepool United can count international rock and roll superstar Meat Loaf amongst its fans. The ‘Bat out of Hell` singer has adopted Pools as his favourite Football League team.

Speaking to Setanta Sports News he said: ”I started asking ‘what would be a really odd team for me to say that I root for?` The person who I was talking to said Hartlepool. Fantastic!

”I looked them up, I looked at their record, I went on the internet, looked at their ground.

”I do look and see ‘did Hartlepool win? Yeah! OK!”

”My favourite story of Hartlepool is the monkey that washed ashore that they hung because they thought it was a Frenchman. I said ‘any team that will hang a monkey and think it`s a Frenchman I`m rooting for.` That`s it. That`s the bottom line.”

Although Meatloaf denied there was any truth in the rumour that he was planning to move to the area ”There was a picture of a real estate agent who was standing out in-front of this house that she had supposedly shown me to buy.

”The woman said that she actually took me to see this house in Hartlepool. I love that story.”

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