Date: 8th April 2009 at 11:38pm
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Jeff Winter talks about the Swansea Cardiff derby match, the Scottish players banned for life and the big goalkeeping question.
Jeff Winter
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Ask the Ref

Hi Jeff, what did you think of the Cardiff v Swansea game last weekend? Mike Dean did well I thought but what punishment do you think should be handed out for the coin incident.
The Jack

First of all I do not think that the coin was probably intended for the Ref, more likely for the Swansea players who were close by. That does not make it right though, someone could have lost an eye.

It seems that they have caught the culprit, it goes without saying that the club will ban him for life and no doubt the courts will impose a lengthy banning order, but on top of that he should be jailed, hopefully to be imprisoned with a few Swansea fans who will dish out their own justice to a cowardly idiot.

No matter who you support the message has got to go out that throwing coins will land you in jail.

What was your opinion on the Scottish players banned for life Jeff? Was the punishment correct?

The drinking episode was a bit silly, some might say that having a drink four days before a game after a hard match is not a problem, but it sounds like this was a real bender and obviously broke the teams disciplinary rules.

It did seem strange then to put them both on the bench. There behaviour then was a little childish to say the least, but footballers will be footballers, some are not the brightest!!!

A life ban seems a bit harsh and I am sure in the future they will be selected especially if a new manager is appointed. I was surprised at Rangers stance, I could not imagine Fergie and Co. transfer listing one of their stars for misdemeanours on international duty.

Jeff, surely Turner can’t drop Jan Budtz after a good performance against Hereford can he? He must be on a different planet to every fan I know.

He is the manager and I know he rates ALB very highly, so we will see, personally I don’t mind who he selects as long as they perform and save the club from relegation.

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  • A similar incident happened in the wolves game on monday, an object was thrown at a linesman. Although I don’t condone such action I believe we are seeing an increase in these instances because people are paying top money to see a game in this day and age and for a set of officials to ruin that game and in effect waste that fans money these fans are getting frustrated and are venting their anger in a physical way, and to tell you the truth sometimes I can’t blame them for being that angry as the standard of officiating in this country is terrible at times.

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