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Vital Hartlepool take a look at our best supporters and ask them a few questions about the club they love

This week we take talk to a vetran of our forum, it’s leedspoolie

Gods Town, Hartlepool
All are in Leeds, so there`s no point in naming any of them
Exiled In
The 3rd dump of Yorkshire, Leeds. (Sheffield is the 1st dump, then Bradford)
Vending Engineer
Marriage Status
Favourite Food
Liver and Onions with Mash potatoes mmmmm
Music Tastes
Bowling for Soup & Nik Kershaw
Apart from following Pools, I all so follow my rugby league team Hunslet and I run a sunday league team in Leeds. We have a GK who played for Juventus youth team and he is mates with Christan Vieri

Favourite Current Pools Player
Richie Barker
Best Ever Match
I say Tranmere Play-off semi 2nd leg, what a night, it had every thing, and the feeling when we won, and we was on our way to Cardiff? never beat that night
Most Disappointing Game
Has to be Rochdale away last season, you could see by the minute, the title slipping away
Favourite Pools Player Of All Time
Bob Newton, my hero, followed by Joe Joe Allon.
Best Thing About Supporting Pools
You never know what your going to get, so many up and downs.
Favourite Season
It’s easy to say last season, but to me it was Coopers year, when HE took an average team to Cardiff. Still shocking to this day he was sacked.

Hopes For Next Season
For me the play-off’s, if Pools can get the right players in, I cant see why DW cant take this club in to the play-off’s.

Thanks for your answers leedspoolie, if you’d like to take part in our fan profiles series visit this thread on the forum

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