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Vital Hartlepool take a look at our best supporters and ask them a few questions about the club they love

This week it’s the turn of Prodicalpoolie

Anne Crooks and Galleys Field
Exiled In
Darfield Barnsley
Marriage Status
Favourite Food
Beryls fish and chips(when I can get them)
Music Tastes
Anything from light classical to heavy metal

Favourite Current Pools Player
Garry Liddle best signing we have had for a longtime, brilliant player
Best Ever Match
April 1959 Hartlepools United 10 Barrow 1, a ray of joy in a time of despair. Talked about that game for ages
Most Disappointing Game
Not beating Port Vale to give us a chance to stay up, just couldn’t believe we were going down
Favourite Pools Player Of All Time
Earnest Rixon Phythian and James Mulvaney, Oh how I wish we had them now
Best Thing About Supporting Pools
Never knowing whats going to happen from game to game but praying it’s going to be something good
Favourite Season
Last season getting back to where we belong

Hopes For Next Season
Getting as far as we can up the league without giving us supporters heart attacks

Thanks for your answers prodicalpoolie, more next week.

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  • worbo says:

    Do any of you Poolies know a guy called Bob Cross, he’s a fireman or at least he was and daft as a brush?

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