Down At The Vic: The Striker Situation

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With just a month to go until we start the new season we have already signed 5 defensive players but where else should we strengthen?

Danny Wilson has said he isn’t worried about bringing in a striker but I must admit that I am. We currently have Joel Porter, Ritchie Barker, James Brown, Michael Mackay, David Foley and Michael Rae. That may sound a lot but I still fell we need someone else.

As it stands we will have Porter and Barker up front on August 11th, this isn’t a problem for me even if Barker hasn’t played at this level recently and Porter hasn’t really played at all for a while. They have a good combination of pace and strength which I think will cause opposition sides problems.

Beyond this and I think we look weak, we have James Brown but I think that as he did so well last year he should continue on the right. Plus if he’s going to be playing up front we’d have to bring in a new right winger.

The three other lads are all very inexperienced and this is the reason we need someone else. Rae might have scored bags of goals at reserve and youth team levels but it’s a massive step up to first team action. Mackay looks very promising, he has a yard of pace and an eye for goal yet I think he would be more suited to coming off the bench for now.

David Foley played in 28 games last year and I hope he’ll be more suited to League One, it’s less physical and he could do well. He spent time on the right last year too which could be an option if Brown moves up top. But starting the season with him would still be a huge risk, he has played over 1200 minutes of first team football but has only one goal to his name and even that was in the Paint Cup.

One thing I wouldn’t want is some Premier League youngster joining the club, if were going to spend time giving knowledge to young players they should be our own. I would have a loan if it was someone who already had experience but it would have to be season long. We were lucky last year that as soon as Duffy’s loan finished we signed Ritchie Barker; we might not be this year.


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Vital Hartlepool Editor